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Photoshop Action/Script : Extend the canvas size and add signature

I wrote an action and script to extend the canvas size (5% and 10% below) and add a signature to your photograph. This action will re-size the Text size depending the width, height and resolution of your photograph. It has  been tested on Windows Vista & Mac, CS3, CS4 and CS5  English. The script is provided as freeware with no warranty. Free to use and change!
Actual Version: 1.2




How to install:
1. Make a folder under c: with the name: SignatureAction
2. Download the files “Add_Signature.js” and “VIERO’s Signature.atn“, place them in the c:\SignatureAction folder
3. Open the file  “Add_Signature.js” with notepad and change the area “Insert here your signature”
4. Double click the file “VIERO’s Signature.atn”
5. Open your photograph and run the VIERO’s Signature action.


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