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Lightroom Photo Cube Print Template

Here is a new Lightroom template I’ve developed for making a photo cube.
I got the idea after seeing the Ipad app Foldify.
You can download it for free. Let me know if you like it!




Step1 – Download and install the Lightroom Template

Link Template: A4 – Cube [] or Link Template: Letter – Cube []

-Download the template and unzip the file to your desktop.
-Go to the Lightroom Print module.
-Open the Template Browser in the left column and select User Templates.
-Right click, create a new folder and title it accordingly.
-Right click the created folder and click import and select the file on your desktop.

Step2 – Add the background to the Template

Link Background: Lightroom_PhotoCube_[]

-Download the background and unzip the file to your desktop.
-In the Lightroom Print module go to Page and check the Identity Plate.


-Click on the existing identity plate and select Edit.


-Choose “Use a graphical identity plate” and drag the background into the back box and click OK.


Step3 – Add your photos, export to jpg, cut and fold

-Add 6 photos to the template.
-Choose Print to file
-Print the jpg -Cut


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